imagine a phone that has no contract, doesn't require infrastructure, you never have to pay expensive fees to network operators. free forever. one more thing, it will never need charging.

All you need to do is buy the phone. Infinite free calls. Unlimited texts, Whatsapps, Instagram. No running out of data. No extra charges.

It will even work during a zombie apocalypse.

Do you need another reason to buy it ?

Make a call from London to Tokyo. All for free.

The Technology Behind the Yellow Phone

The Yellow Phone has been in stealth for over a year. Using machine learning it can make calls and stream data in various sub Ghz unlicensed spectrum frequencies worldwide using peer to peer technology (think Napster).

The battery will self charge itself using energy harvesting from the same multifrequency high efficiency aerial technology using an inverse of the same machine learning algorithm*.

Tell your friends. The most disruptive phone since the Apple iPhone**.

Coming soon.

*Full capacity battery charging will take in the order of 2-3 days using energy harvesting for main lithium polymer cell. If the phone is used continuously battery will be exhausted in 72 hours. Yellow Phone has a back up lithium 220 mah which can be used for emergency calls and texts while waiting for main battery to reach full charge. The image of the Yellow Phone is for illustrative purposes only, the final version of the Yellow Phone will be different. Our intellectual property is protected by patents pending GB1819646.9, GB1819645.1, GB1819644.4, GB1819643.6, GB1819642.8, GB1819641.0
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